Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am in a sort of limbo right now... School has started and I'm not there; got laid off from my job because of budget cuts and haven't received anything promising in response to job-searching. I have been kind of spoiled when it comes to job-searching in the past. Most of my jobs have been offered to me because of networking, or friend-of-a-friend putting in a good word for me. I'm not used to this suspended transition.

Not only is it not helping my financial situation, but it also has me feeling listless. This is the first day I have had free since being laid off because of volunteer work, and chauffeuring my Grandmother on a weekend trip to visit my family's new house. Except for a little time spent with the cousins, today felt so slow and wasteful. I just want a job. I want a purpose.

I suppose the internet revolution of the job-search isn't helping right now either. It's so unphysical now. There's no pounding the pavement, no direct action. The most action I take is to hit the 'Send' button or (at the most extreme) make a one-minute trip to the post office. Searching for jobs involves Monster and other career websites and the time spent in front of the MS Word window to type up a coherent cover letter and tweak my resume. It's all fast, virtually painless, and mind-numbingly boring. It's not that I'm not interested in the jobs. To the contrary, there are a quite a few that I have been really excited about the prospects that some of these jobs could present, but I'm getting so tired of waiting and being aimless...
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