Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Update :)

Hola chicos!

Here I am again. Sorry for the absence. I did kind of abandon poor little "Wanderings" temporarily for newer pastures. Been working on this post for The Corner Booth, and also researching a couple others. Getting really excited about upcoming posts and thinking about doing a current events post as well... We shall see. :) My next post will mostly likely be either critiquing/debating the education of women/girls in the church OR the weird cross-section of Nationalism and Christianity. BTW, Sarah has a new post up complete with poetry!

I am whupped. Seriously. It is hot here for the first time all summer, I think. Over 90 degrees Fahrenheit today and of course it's the one day out of the entire year that I am walking outside for three hours... Anyway, the Great Lakes Folk Festival was worth it. Got to catch up with Scott, enjoy some good music (we got acquainted with the Finnish-American All Star Band), and get lost at MSU... But really, free music festivals, no matter how hot, are always good. Paid a whopping two dollars for parking and that was it. Well, except for the fresh-squeezed lemonade and then some Bubble Tea afterward. Introducing Scott to bubble tea was definitely an experience and not something I think he is likely to forget... For those of you that don't know, bubble tea (at least as I know it) is basically tea (usually with cream, but sometimes fruit) with these large (and I mean large!) tapioca-like 'bubbles' that you suck through a wide straw as you drink your beverage. Here's a picture (below) of my Tiki Tea (basically a mixture of black tea, coffee, and cream) with black bubbles.

The Finnish-American All-Star Band

Tiki Tea with black bubbles

Scott waiting with breathless anticipation for the next schottische. ;)

In other news: I made paella! I don't know if it is true to paella-goodness as I've never had the real thing, but I thought it was delicious! Well, really anything rice-based packed full of seafood is all right with me, so... I found the recipe online, substitued turmeric for the saffron (that stuff is expensive!) and splurged just a tiny bit on the seafood. It was wonderful and more than made up for the nasty shelling of raw shrimp I had to do. Ugh. Not such a huge fan.

My dish of paella-wonderfulness

Last but not least, I have a bumper crop of juliette tomatoes! Remember Frankie and Johnny, my two little tomato plants? Well, they have grown. In fact, they are probably the largest tomato plants I have ever seen... I will have to post pictures again, but as it's pitch black outside right now, that's not happening... So, anyway, if you're in the Flint or Lansing area and will eat tomatoes, give me a call, text, comment, or Facebook message and I will bring some your way! I am giving all the credit to Dr. Earth organic fertilizer as I do next to nothing other than occasionally fertilize and water when I remember...

Oh, and this is what happens when you send Lindsey to the library... A random collection of books on religion, anti-religion, feminism, linguistics, and a spiritual biography thrown in for good measure... :)
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