Saturday, August 15, 2009

Christmas in August

Took Grams to Frankenmuth on Friday to visit the new creperie and we decided to stop by Bronner's just for the heck of it since we were in the area. Visiting Bronner's Christmas Wonderland is sort of a tradition for our family, it goes hand-in-hand with childhood visits to Grandma's house and holiday wonder.

As a child, Bronner's symbolized the very essence of Christmas to me: bright colors, sparkling lights, tall trees, life-size nativities, and a general feeling of overwhelming wonder. However, as I walked down the well-stocked aisles of glittering ornaments, prelit trees, and Christmas decorations, it struck me as odd. Is this what Christmas has come down to for me? For us? Chintzy Made-In-China plastic icicles and a set of plaster elves?

For a store that advertises itself specifically as a "CHRISTmas Wonderland" (really spelled with the caps), I find it odd that it is all about the stuff. A store over the area of one and a half football fields, dedicated to Christmas and stuffed to the gills with... stuff.

After visiting this altar of Christmas Materialism, I feel I need to reevaluate what Christmas means to me --even if it happens to be August...
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