Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One small step for (wo)man...

...and one giant leap into the realm of adulthood!

I got a cell phone.

Yes, I had one before, but this is my phone. As in, my own cell phone plan, my own money, my own responsibility.

It may seem quite lame to those of you who have been in this realm longer than I have, but I am kind of on edge because of this now. For the past several years, I've just taken advantage of the family plans my parents use and have just added a phone to their plans. But today I went out and got my own.

You should be proud of me, I did research. I shopped around. I even read a report from the federal government on wireless service providers (it was very boring, but somewhat informative). I ended up leaving Verizon behind and switched to Sprint and I think it will end up working out. Got a great discount, a free phone, and all the texting I could ever want. ;)

So, here I am... owner of a new cell phone (a red Samsung Rant) and account holder on a cell phone plan. And for some reason I am absolutely terrified. Maybe it's a good thing. I am so worried that I will screw this thing up. Overage charges, or messing up plans --that sort of stuff. It's one of the reasons I stuck to unlimited texting. :) I'm not sure why this is so much more serious than other things that I have --I pay my car insurance every month, as well as my loan payments. Why is the cell phone plan so intimidating?
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