Monday, June 15, 2009

Life Right Now

So… I am sitting here at work. I’ve got my to-do list done except for end-of-the-day stuff and it’s not even 9:15am. Yes, I am officially bored. So, I am going to sit here and write a bit about how life is going these days and what I have been thinking about.

I am eating the most delicious orange right now. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a better one. I bought them at the Farmer’s Market (my new favorite place) and I am always continually shocked at how much better the produce is there –and how much cheaper usually as well. Have to say that the meats and cheeses are definitely more expensive, but the fruits and veggies are always comparable to or lower than supermarket prices. (And now I feel slightly boring for talking about produce prices in a post about ‘my life’… Sheesh).

School is almost done. I have a week and a half until I’m finished with my BA. This is providing I actually pass my last class. I am terrified of this economics class. Seriously, it’s got me beat. I think I might’ve actually liked this class, but to do it in seven weeks with the same amount of reading (which would be heavy for a normal semester) with another class besides? Yeah, it’s not working. And now my professor has decided that we are switching from three papers to two. So, while it’s less work, my overall grade for this whole class is going to be based on two papers, one of which I know I did horribly on. I don’t even need my paper back to know that. It was probably the worst paper I’ve ever written because I didn’t understand the material and I couldn’t even make it through all of the books. What’s done is done, I suppose. I can’t very well turn back time and redo it, but it still frustrates me that this one is so hard.

To happier things: my other class. I am seriously loving my Africana class. “Women Writers of the African World” has been a joy. Really. I have never really gotten the chance to branch off into Africana and I’m kind of bemused how I managed to not take even one until my last semester at UM. While I have always appreciated my education thus far (from Kindergarten on up through the first several years of college) and have always been a voracious reader, there has a serious gap in my reading selection, both personally and for school. I can remember the first time I took World Lit and being stunned at how much I learned from the stories and how much I enjoyed reading them.

For some reason, I had always assumed that different cultures’ stories would not ‘work’ with me (just another symptom of my American ethnocentrism that is engrained into all of us as US citizens, I suppose). Even that class, however, I don’t remember reading any African literature. We read several Asian (I can think of two Japanese stories off the top of my head, as well as an Indian one), a Native American book, Hispano South American poetry, but there was a gap there, too. With the books we have read I have been continually surprised on how much I enjoy reading African literature. And now that I say that I feel just a little bit ignorant for voicing that… Anyway, pleasant surprises in the literature class. And we also have a poetry assignment that I’m really enjoying researching. Anyone have any favorite African poets (limited to the African continent and the Caribbean)?

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