Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend Update

(And, no, I wasn't thinking of SNL when I thought up that title -surprisingly enough)

Not much happening. Mother's Day is tomorrow. (Happy Mother's Day, Gina, Mom, and Grandma!) Got a beautiful hanging plant for Grams this afternoon. They are called Million Bells and look nice, and also are easy to maintain (Always a plus!).

Got to explore a new store today. Jenny B's Garden Spot may be a new favorite of mine. Not one I'll frequent very often, but a definite highlight. It is an all-organic, all-natural, etc., etc., nursery near where I live and I couldn't be more pleased with all the help from the knowledgeable staff. I love it when I can go in knowing nothing, ask all sorts of questions, and not feel like I'm annoying someone to death!

So, besides Grams' new hanging basket, I also picked up four Juliet tomato plants. Two are in pots and two will eventually be in beds and I think they'll work well. I have named two. Yes, I name everything. So Pot #1 and Pot #2 are heretofore known affectionately as... Frankie and Johnny. Hehehe. Yes. I know.

I am going to sound like such a nerd here... I got organic fertilizer (no, not that kind) and I am really excited. I am not really too thrilled with the idea of MiracleGro(r), so finding a natural, organic option was pretty cool. Meet Dr. Earth. I will let you know how he does this summer. :)

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