Sunday, May 10, 2009

Again (with an Update)

Hi guys,

Know I've posted this already, but I wanted to post again to see if you all could lend any more advice/insight (and thank you, Nat, for your comments originally). I wrote a post back in February about ideas for churches trying to 'bring in' our (as in twentysomethings?) demographic. If ya'll have the chance and have some thoughts, I'd really appreciate either a comment left our an email shot in my direction. I am getting ready to compile a 'report' of sorts for my uncle and just wanted to get as many opinions as possible.

(PS: Sorry if any of ya'll have tried posting comments and been unable. I was getting some random messages once in a while and was going to try to limit who could comment on posts. However, I selected the wrong item and limited the commenting only to myself... Lovely. I am a genius.)
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