Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ugh (that was a groan) and Other News

Allow me a moment to whine (You may skip past this section as I harbor no sadistic desire to put anyone through the ordeal of involuntarily listening to whining). I am so stinking tired. I have cranked out four papers, a senior project, and a research proposal all in the last three days and I am running on so little sleep, I am one of those inexplicable scientific phenomenons. Basically, I have had just enough sleep to keep me conscious -and that's about it. I realized that I probably needed some sleep last night when I realized that the letters shouldn't be moving around my computer screen and I shouldn't be seeing my MS Word document swim before my eyes...

So... (now that the whining's done!) I am looking forward to my half-week week off. I will have tonight and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights to catch up on sleep. :) And then it's back to work on Monday with the start of Spring Term classes. I am actually pretty excited about my classes for this semester. We have:

1) The Global Economy - Should be good, if I can keep my head above water in the Economics department.

2) Women Writers of the African World - Several good books for this class that I have wanted to read, but have never gotten the chance.

Anyways, I should head off. Hope you all are having a good week!


I have to say something about a few new albums I am loving here. I don't know who's heard of whom, or which of you likes which bands, but there just might be something here for everyone.

1) Katie Herzig - Sampler on - There is something about this music. It's fresh, light, and for some reason I just love it. She reminds me of Feist, but a bit more acoustic. Or somewhere between Feist and Regina Spektor? Anyway, take a listen. Her sampler is available for free on

2) Esterlyn - Sampler on (are you noticing a pattern here?) - Good, new sound. However, be warned that it doesn't sound like they really have a defined style or genre here. If that's what you're looking for, steer clear of Esterlyn. Their sound changes from track to track, moving from Coldplay-esque, to rock, to almost bluegrass.

3) Ben Folds - Ben Folds Presents: University A Capella - If you are a Ben Folds fan and can appreciate a good a capella arrangement, check out this brand new album (released yesterday) covering some of Ben's top hits as sung and arranged by top university a capella groups from across the country.

Please note that I said you need to be able to apprecciate a capella music AND a Ben Folds fan.
If you are not both, you will likely find either a) the arrangements wacky (if you're the diehard Ben Folds purist) or b) find the lyrics too provocative (if you intend to listen solely for a capella pleasure). Ben Folds has never been known to mince words and in a compilation of some of his top songs, it is expected to be more of the same. ...with a new twist.

4) Vitamin String Quartet - Vitamin String Quartet Performs AC/DC - As some of you may know, I am a fan of such bands as the Section Quartet and Apocalyptica that take hard/classic rock standards and play them on chamber music instruments. Yes, the premise sounds a little weird, but it is truly amazing. I have recently discovered another to add to the list. Vitamin String Quartet. Heard them on Pandora for the first time yesterday with a sweet version of the AC/DC standard "T.N.T".


On a side note: received my Lambda Alpha honors stole and cloisonne pin last week for graduation. Just a tiny bit excited about that. Might post pictures if I'm feeling particularly full of myself.
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