Friday, April 3, 2009

I just realized that I should be freaking out by now

There are only two weeks (TWO WEEKS!) left in the semester!

:::insert long, drawn-out wail here:::

Holy. Crap. Where has this semester gone? I still have books to read, papers to write, and a capstone to finish!

Moving away from freaking out and into angry and on to a different topic. I am so fed up with Prof X (no, that's not their real name. I am attempting to be at least a little bit discreet!). So disorganized, always misspeaking, even grades papers incorrectly (as in, two people submit the same exact answers and get two different grades) and now! And now! She/He/It had the nerve (the NERVE!) to tell me that my thesis was irrelevant. Irrelevant! This was said to me this morning as an off-hand comment followed by a laugh.

Was this supposed to be a joke?! For one thing, that statement is completely wrong (Hellooo, have we not heard of 'cultural resource management', 'dying cultures', capitalism, globalization, etc. etc.?), but for him/her/it to actually say it (and believe it!) and have the audacity to laugh in my face? Usually I hold the highest respect for my professors and treat them deferentially, but this was the last straw. I just had to walk away at that point. I am still so ticked off about this. There is so much more I could say (and really want to say), but it would give away the prof's identity and position and I'm not sure that would be wise.

Besides the fact that, if it were irrelevant (which it isn't) one would hope that my faculty advisor and the professor overseeing my research would steer me in another direction if not come right out and tell me I was off my rocker.

And again, on to a different subject. This time: volunteer work.

We (the anthro club) are doing a really cool thing right now (at least, I think it's cool). We are conducting a book drive (as well as accepting donations to go toward books) for children at a local under-privileged community school. We are collecting books in these huge, decorated cardboard boxes and also accepting donations with which to buys new books.

And secondly, Relay for Life is today! I believe I am going to walking/manning the booth tonight around midnight or 1am. Depends if I find people to come with or not.

Funny story: Sold my first official 'foot' today. Someone came up to the desk to buy software and I asked him if he would like to be a 'foot' for a dollar to support Relay for Life. He said... yes. And I was so shocked that I squeaked out a "really?" and proceeded to stammer and laugh and realize what an idiot I looked like. Oh well, provided comic relief for the rest of the office, right?

Also, we raised enough money so that two of our bosses are getting their heads shaved. :) Kudos to K and H for putting their heads on the (metaphorical) chopping block.
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