Sunday, April 12, 2009


...of my Easter Weekend (a.k.a "The Good, The Bad, and The Kinda Funny")

1) Driving without complications - no funny noises, no smoke. It was a beautiful thing.

2) Wearing my favorite button (that is always on my coat) that reads "This is what a feminist looks like" to church and seeing how many people did a double-take. So funny. I was giggling the whole way home.

3) Long talks with friends, late into the night.

4) Realizing that the A's really are moving (this is one of the "bad")

5) Avoiding homework for a day, and having a moment to catch my breath

6) Sitting there wondering why I am supposedly intimidating. (I still don't really get this, but apparently it's true).

7) Not eating ham for Easter (Yay! I really don't like the ham for Easter tradition and it was so nice not to have it!)

8) Finally being able to figure out the back way to the A's (right as they've finally sold their house...)

9) Seeing familiar faces and getting to catch up with a few people -even if only for a very small amount of time.

10) Trading funny stories over cookie dough and ice cream.
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