Friday, April 24, 2009


So the end is near. Yes, very near. I can see the light at the end of this first tunnel. I can taste victory (unfortunately, it is slightly acrid as its accompanied by the taste of fifty pages of 'finals' writing down my throat). But... BEHOLD THE END IS NIGH!

I am going to relish my one week off. And my picnic. And my one day of sleeping in... before I head right back to school and throw myself back into classes.

So, I am taking suggestions for what I should bring to the Anthro picnic on Friday. Any suggestions? I will warn you from the off, I don't do peppers, and I don't do potato salad, but I am wide open for suggestions other than that. :) So, please, think of this as a picnic poll and submit your answer in the comments section below. (Can this be considered trolling for comments or am I truly just asking for suggestions? I believe that I'm just asking for suggestions, but my subconscious might have other plans... "Please, please, I'm just looking for a little affirmation in the form of comments," it cries).
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