Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ugh (that was a groan) and Other News

Allow me a moment to whine (You may skip past this section as I harbor no sadistic desire to put anyone through the ordeal of involuntarily listening to whining). I am so stinking tired. I have cranked out four papers, a senior project, and a research proposal all in the last three days and I am running on so little sleep, I am one of those inexplicable scientific phenomenons. Basically, I have had just enough sleep to keep me conscious -and that's about it. I realized that I probably needed some sleep last night when I realized that the letters shouldn't be moving around my computer screen and I shouldn't be seeing my MS Word document swim before my eyes...

So... (now that the whining's done!) I am looking forward to my half-week week off. I will have tonight and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights to catch up on sleep. :) And then it's back to work on Monday with the start of Spring Term classes. I am actually pretty excited about my classes for this semester. We have:

1) The Global Economy - Should be good, if I can keep my head above water in the Economics department.

2) Women Writers of the African World - Several good books for this class that I have wanted to read, but have never gotten the chance.

Anyways, I should head off. Hope you all are having a good week!


I have to say something about a few new albums I am loving here. I don't know who's heard of whom, or which of you likes which bands, but there just might be something here for everyone.

1) Katie Herzig - Sampler on - There is something about this music. It's fresh, light, and for some reason I just love it. She reminds me of Feist, but a bit more acoustic. Or somewhere between Feist and Regina Spektor? Anyway, take a listen. Her sampler is available for free on

2) Esterlyn - Sampler on (are you noticing a pattern here?) - Good, new sound. However, be warned that it doesn't sound like they really have a defined style or genre here. If that's what you're looking for, steer clear of Esterlyn. Their sound changes from track to track, moving from Coldplay-esque, to rock, to almost bluegrass.

3) Ben Folds - Ben Folds Presents: University A Capella - If you are a Ben Folds fan and can appreciate a good a capella arrangement, check out this brand new album (released yesterday) covering some of Ben's top hits as sung and arranged by top university a capella groups from across the country.

Please note that I said you need to be able to apprecciate a capella music AND a Ben Folds fan.
If you are not both, you will likely find either a) the arrangements wacky (if you're the diehard Ben Folds purist) or b) find the lyrics too provocative (if you intend to listen solely for a capella pleasure). Ben Folds has never been known to mince words and in a compilation of some of his top songs, it is expected to be more of the same. ...with a new twist.

4) Vitamin String Quartet - Vitamin String Quartet Performs AC/DC - As some of you may know, I am a fan of such bands as the Section Quartet and Apocalyptica that take hard/classic rock standards and play them on chamber music instruments. Yes, the premise sounds a little weird, but it is truly amazing. I have recently discovered another to add to the list. Vitamin String Quartet. Heard them on Pandora for the first time yesterday with a sweet version of the AC/DC standard "T.N.T".


On a side note: received my Lambda Alpha honors stole and cloisonne pin last week for graduation. Just a tiny bit excited about that. Might post pictures if I'm feeling particularly full of myself.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bottled Water, Again.

Hey all,

I'm back on to the subject of bottled water and wanted to post this trailer, for the film "Tapped".

Friday, April 24, 2009


So the end is near. Yes, very near. I can see the light at the end of this first tunnel. I can taste victory (unfortunately, it is slightly acrid as its accompanied by the taste of fifty pages of 'finals' writing down my throat). But... BEHOLD THE END IS NIGH!

I am going to relish my one week off. And my picnic. And my one day of sleeping in... before I head right back to school and throw myself back into classes.

So, I am taking suggestions for what I should bring to the Anthro picnic on Friday. Any suggestions? I will warn you from the off, I don't do peppers, and I don't do potato salad, but I am wide open for suggestions other than that. :) So, please, think of this as a picnic poll and submit your answer in the comments section below. (Can this be considered trolling for comments or am I truly just asking for suggestions? I believe that I'm just asking for suggestions, but my subconscious might have other plans... "Please, please, I'm just looking for a little affirmation in the form of comments," it cries).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties & Feminism

DISCLAIMER: This post will likely have the ability to anger, provoke snide remarks, and incite back-biting. And that is all part of the fun.

I understand that you have a right to protest. I really do. I understand that Obama's stimulus plan and budget are frustrating to most people (and even to myself, at times). I also understand how clever you think yourselves for calling these protests 'tea parties'. Really. How cute.

However, what I don't understand is... why now? Why weren't you protesting outside the White House and outside your capitol buildings any time during the past six years? An estimated $850 billion has been spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan -not to mention the loss of life (an estimated 99,000 Iraqis have lost their lives -and that's just the documented ones, as well as approximately 5,000 military personnel). Saddam was captured within a year of the invasion and the last sighting of a high-ranking Taliban leader (last month) was of the man heading out of the city on a moped. A moped, people! Why haven't they caught these guys?

And Weapons of Mass Destruction. Who in their right mind goes and has a public meeting with world leaders at the UN, bringing a satellite map, pinpointing the location where they think the WMDS are. And then they wait a month or two to even invade? Were you just trying to give them the opportunity to whisk away your best excuse for invasion?

We have progressed from our 'War on Terror' to a 'War on Terrorism' to 'Operation: Iraqi Freedom'. Whatever happened to sovereignty? Anyone who's taken even a 100-level political science course should see the problems associated with just invading like this.

And on to Feminism and the Feminist Movement. Ladies, this is mostly for you, but Men, you are more than welcome to listen up as well.

Stop bashing the Feminist Movement. I mean it. Please. Stop it. Stop sneering; stop rolling your eyes, stop giving superior glances to those that can say the word 'feminist' without flinching. If you are a woman and have ever held a job (and gotten paid for it), puchased property, attended an institute of higher education, or even voted, you are a feminist (or at least you damn well should be). Seriously, if you don't want to be a feminist, stop taking advantage of the rights won you by the feminist movement. The reason you all are so worked up about this is that you are letting a radical minority speak for and be seen as the majority. The feminist movement is not some new phenomenon (no indeed, think hundreds of years, people). It is not the god-forsaken school of thought conceived in the sexual revolution that you seem to think it is.

Neither does feminism translate into anti-feminine. You can wear your frills and pink and be a feminist. You can be shy and retiring and be a feminist. Hell, you can dress like Barbie, be a mute, have three dozen children and still be a feminist. Just stop denying the hard work that women have put forth over the past centuries to get you where you are today.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


...of my Easter Weekend (a.k.a "The Good, The Bad, and The Kinda Funny")

1) Driving without complications - no funny noises, no smoke. It was a beautiful thing.

2) Wearing my favorite button (that is always on my coat) that reads "This is what a feminist looks like" to church and seeing how many people did a double-take. So funny. I was giggling the whole way home.

3) Long talks with friends, late into the night.

4) Realizing that the A's really are moving (this is one of the "bad")

5) Avoiding homework for a day, and having a moment to catch my breath

6) Sitting there wondering why I am supposedly intimidating. (I still don't really get this, but apparently it's true).

7) Not eating ham for Easter (Yay! I really don't like the ham for Easter tradition and it was so nice not to have it!)

8) Finally being able to figure out the back way to the A's (right as they've finally sold their house...)

9) Seeing familiar faces and getting to catch up with a few people -even if only for a very small amount of time.

10) Trading funny stories over cookie dough and ice cream.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


People I Would Like To Meet:
1) C. S. Lewis
2) Margaret Mead
3) Noam Chomsky

Books I Would Like To Read:
1) Das Kapital (Karl Marx) - read it in 10th grade, but need a re-read
2) Bush in Babylon (Tariq Ali)
3) One Hundred Nights of Solitude (Garcia Marquez)

Places I Have Lived:
1) Orange Park, Florida
2) Villa Ballester, Bs As, ARG (three months counts, right?)
3) Dimondale, Michigan

People Who Have Greatly Impacted My Life:
1) Many more than three.

Books That Have Shaped My Life:
1) Let the Nations Be Glad (John Piper)
2) Mr. Jones, Meet Your Master (Peter Marshall)
3) "The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down" (Lynne Fadiman)

Favorite Foods:
1) Pomegranates
2) Salmon
3) Ice Cream

Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die:
1) Have a piece of writing (be it research or fiction) published.
2) Volunteer overseas for at least a year, if not a very long while.
3) Travel, Travel, Travel.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The end is approaching

Well, if I survive the next two weeks, I will be graduating in May! Almost there. The end is in sight! I have just registered fro my last two classes (Global Economy and Women Writers of the African World) and ordered my stole and pin for graduation. So exciting. If only I can get everything finished up in time! That is key --and with that being said, I should head back to the books. Chau!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I just realized that I should be freaking out by now

There are only two weeks (TWO WEEKS!) left in the semester!

:::insert long, drawn-out wail here:::

Holy. Crap. Where has this semester gone? I still have books to read, papers to write, and a capstone to finish!

Moving away from freaking out and into angry and on to a different topic. I am so fed up with Prof X (no, that's not their real name. I am attempting to be at least a little bit discreet!). So disorganized, always misspeaking, even grades papers incorrectly (as in, two people submit the same exact answers and get two different grades) and now! And now! She/He/It had the nerve (the NERVE!) to tell me that my thesis was irrelevant. Irrelevant! This was said to me this morning as an off-hand comment followed by a laugh.

Was this supposed to be a joke?! For one thing, that statement is completely wrong (Hellooo, have we not heard of 'cultural resource management', 'dying cultures', capitalism, globalization, etc. etc.?), but for him/her/it to actually say it (and believe it!) and have the audacity to laugh in my face? Usually I hold the highest respect for my professors and treat them deferentially, but this was the last straw. I just had to walk away at that point. I am still so ticked off about this. There is so much more I could say (and really want to say), but it would give away the prof's identity and position and I'm not sure that would be wise.

Besides the fact that, if it were irrelevant (which it isn't) one would hope that my faculty advisor and the professor overseeing my research would steer me in another direction if not come right out and tell me I was off my rocker.

And again, on to a different subject. This time: volunteer work.

We (the anthro club) are doing a really cool thing right now (at least, I think it's cool). We are conducting a book drive (as well as accepting donations to go toward books) for children at a local under-privileged community school. We are collecting books in these huge, decorated cardboard boxes and also accepting donations with which to buys new books.

And secondly, Relay for Life is today! I believe I am going to walking/manning the booth tonight around midnight or 1am. Depends if I find people to come with or not.

Funny story: Sold my first official 'foot' today. Someone came up to the desk to buy software and I asked him if he would like to be a 'foot' for a dollar to support Relay for Life. He said... yes. And I was so shocked that I squeaked out a "really?" and proceeded to stammer and laugh and realize what an idiot I looked like. Oh well, provided comic relief for the rest of the office, right?

Also, we raised enough money so that two of our bosses are getting their heads shaved. :) Kudos to K and H for putting their heads on the (metaphorical) chopping block.