Tuesday, March 31, 2009


"The Old Churchyard"
(as sung by the Waterson:Carthy)

Come, come with me out to the old churchyard
I so well know those paths 'neath the soft green sward
Friends slumber in there that we want to regard
We will trace out their names in the old churchyard

Mourn not for them, their trials are o'er
And why weep for those who will weep no more
For sweet is their sleep, though cold and hard
Their pillows may be in the old churchyard

I know that it's vain when our friends depart
To breathe kind words to a broken heart
And I know that the joy of life is marred
When we follow lost friends to the old churchyard

But were I at rest 'neath yonder tree
Oh, why would you weep, my friends, for me?
I'm so weary, so wayworn, why would you retard
The peace I seek in the old churchyard

Why weep for me, for I'm anxious to go
To that haven of rest where no tears ever flow
And I fear not to enter that dark lonely tomb
Where our saviour has lain and conquered the gloom

|: I rest in the hope that one bright day
Sunshine will burst through these prisons of clay
And old Gabriel's trumpet and voice of the Lord
Will wake up the dead in the old churchyard :|


Heard this song a few days ago and it went straight to my heart. After hearing the news last night of Ben's passing it seemed even more poignant.

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