Monday, March 23, 2009

This Week

OR "John Lennon, Tires, and Late Nights"
OR "My Guardian Angel Has a Handlebar Mustache"
(I couldn't decide on a title!)

This week has started off with a bang. Well, not so much a bang as a pffffffffffffffff. If you haven't guessed, that's the sound of a slowly leaking tire. Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

this morning, I got an early start, getting to school three hours before work in order to run some errands for the Anthro Club. We are showing The US v. John Lennon tomorrow night in conjunction with our meeting (If you are in the area, stop by! FH111 at 7pm!). It started off all right. Met up with Hanna, our president, who had printed off the fliers and met me in the University Center. And then off to Student Life to get our fliers approved. Every single, stinking piece of paper (or cardboard, or cardstock, etc.) has to be approved by The Office of Student Life before being posted and has to be stamped by their lovely little date stamp.

We arrive at Student Life, excited because we are actually on time for once (and I'll be able to have an hour or so to study before work), only to find out that we are not allowed to post our fliers. They aren't concerned about the content, or the fact that I used the official movie poster. No, we can't post it because it names the film. Not only can we not even put the name of the film on there, we can't even say it's about John Lennon! So we're standing there thinking, how on earth are we going to change THIS (see below) to a Student Life-approved flier that still draws people in...

Solution? Well, it wasn't really a solution. We basically cut out the title and pasted different words over top of it. Oddly enough, we can use the image from the actual movie poster, but we can't use the words... We could even use the tagline (Artist. Humanitarian. National Threat), but no title... Not sure why they'd allow one and not the other. So, the change (see newbie below) took an extra 15 minutes to change. And then another 45 minutes to find a printer on campus that was actually working.

By this time, we have forty minutes to traverse 18 different floors in four different buildings. So, we are racing up and down stairs, trying to get it all done before two. Surprisingly enough, we have twenty minutes left. So what do we do? We decide to post them around Flint. Not too far away, but it was still canvassing about ten city blocks in all.

Make it to work with one minute to spare and make it through my whopping three hour shift. :)

Tear off to class, get to listen to people go off on tangents about their personal lives and try to connect it to a commentary on counterculture. Ugh. Class gets out late, I haven't eaten all day, I'm late on homework assignments (because of the time spent fixing the flier) and then.... I get out to my car only to find a flat tire. A FLAT TIRE! What the hell?! Is my day just going to go completely to pot?! And then my guardian angel arrives...

Ok, so maybe he wasn't a guardian angel, but at that moment the elderly gentleman with a handelbar mustache, who happened to be driving a F-250 with an air pump under the hood was as close as they come. Now I am not the type to play the damsel in distress. I have my AAA roadside assistance, I know how to check and fill my tires, and I'm pretty sure I could put on the donut if I had to. However, after my day, I was just about ready to weep with happiness when someone stopped to help me.

I guess it's the little things that matter sometimes.
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