Monday, March 30, 2009


This is it! Post #100 for Wanderings. Seems crazy, but that's what my Dashboard says! So, it has been almost a year and a half. I was thinking I should do some crazy list of 100-things, or put up some incredible poetry to commemorate my 100th post, but... I've been so incredibly busy that I haven't had time to think up something. I was determined to not post until I had something thrown together. However, it seemed I started to go into blog-withdrawal. So to hell with the commemorative post. Hm.. wait! I bet I can do a top 100 things... I wonder if anyone will actually read all of it? We shall see.

Lindsey's Random 100

1) I'm craving avocado. Yum.

2) Stevie Nicks is incredible

3) I found my name in the "honors" section in the newspaper for the first time ever

4) My car is currently stuffed full with cardboard boxes - the anthro club is doing a book drive for a 'needy' elementary school in the area. They asked for big boxes. I've got them, but I won't be able to see out of my back window for a few days. :)

5) I am disgusted that the snow is back after a week of comparably warm weather

6) Accounting puts me into hysterics

7) I like my green phone

8) I admitted yesterday to a couple friends that I'd never been kissed and the shock was palpable. Ha! Serves you right for asking!

9) I am a bit of a Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Science Fiction geek.

10) All of my jobs involve computer-related work, sales, or assistance. And I wonder why people ask me if I'm a computer science major...

11) This 100 things is going to take a lot longer than I thought

12) I should really be in bed as I have an early morning tomorrow

13) Facebook is nice for keeping in touch with people, but a huge time waster

14) "US versus John Lennon" is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen

15) Having a love affair with the real folk rock

16) Saw Eileen Ivers in concert on Saturday and sufficiently shook up the old farts with my shrieking and singing along.

17) Can apparently recognize Sondheim from five miles away

18) I think I need to start smoking. Apparently the smoking section is the place to gain all the latest info and informal advising appointments. ;)

19) Pandora is amazing

20) Phew. Twenty already!

21) Feta Cheese is awesome, but only if you buy it in a block or wedge (basically none of that dry crumpled crap)

22) I am trying to go overseas in August for a year or two

23) I walk for graduation in May, but finish up in July

24) I think that the fact that I work from 10pm to 3am for one of my jobs should entitle me to overtime. ;)

25) I am probably certifiably insane

26) Nicknames have included: Miss I'm Sorry, Stutters, Izzy, Li, Leelanau, Walking Dictionary, and Gorgeous (not sure where that one came from, but I'm holding on to it for all I'm worth!)

27) Currently listening to The Doobie Brothers

28) I am terrified of grad school

29) I like to write, but mostly do it for my own enjoyment and not to get published (though that would be incredible)

30) Can't stand "The Joker" by the Steve Miller Band

31) John Lennon is the background on my computer

32) I had a blank moment and had to look up the definition of 'misogyny' today.

33) I nearly choked just now because I didn't realize my coffee had gone cold and I took a big swig.

34) I get annoyed when people don't do what they're supposed and then leave it for me to pick up the pieces.

35) I am falling in love with Beethoven again. Sonata Pathetique is proving a challenge, but a lot of fun to play.

36) Helena Bonham Carter might be my new favorite (current) actress

37) Sondheim is awesome (Into the Woods, Sunday in the Park with George, West Side Story, Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods - Love it!)

38) I am so done with having an opinion - it only gets me into trouble.

39) Women who badmouth feminism or the feminist movement annoy me to no end. Just because there's an outspoken minority doesn't mean we're all out to kill your idea of what it is to be 'feminine'. (Damn. There's that opinion again...)

40) I hate the word 'feminine' because my mind supplies a distorted definition --which I'm currently working on changing.

41) I've pretty much sworn off Coca Cola (and their associated brands)

42) I've given up on Starbucks - Coffee at school is only a $1.40 for a "venti"-sized and it's more accessible than Starbucks any day.

43) I recycle

44) I can't believe I'm at 44 already. Is anyone else with me? Are you actually reading this? If you are, you deserve brownie points.

45) I'm obsessive about keeping my laptop's battery charged.

46) I average 5 hours of sleep per night

47) I really need to kick it into gear for my thesis

48) I am not opposed to Socialism (ha! I threw this in here in the middle. Will anyone catch it?)

49) Obama is not a socialist. Double check your definitions. Or better yet, actually read Das Kapital.

50) I almost screwed up my first week of 200-level college Spanish because of my 'wrong' accent fresh out of Buenos Aires.

51) I have taken Latin, German, and Spanish in my academic career. I hope to add French and Mandarin or Japanese to that list someday.

52) Firefox is so much better than IE

53) I don't understand copyright laws when it comes to movie titles and posters...

54) Sylvia Plath's poetry is incredible

55) There is a portrait of an anglicized-Jesus on the wall opposite me. Why do they always make him a fair Caucasian?

56) I love free events on campus -especially when they come with free food.

57) Apparently, I come off as snobbish. Had no idea. Seriously.

58) I am hoping (fingers crossed!) for a scholarship for this summer. My prof said I'm on the final list!

59) I find it slightly ironic that the year after I graduate, I am allotted $20,000 of financial aid -including two grants and a scholarship. I ask you, why does being 24 make that much of a difference?! I have been at an 'independent' (as in non-dependent) status for going on three years now and no financial aid. Now that I'm done with the BA it all comes rushing in.

60) I am one class away from getting a minor in Sociology inadvertently. I think I'll just finish that up this summer.

61) I get annoyed with the buttons at the top of my computer.

62) As you probably could tell already, I get easily annoyed. Hm... perhaps that's something to work on...

63) I don't get the whole 'moving-to-the-music' deal when it comes to dancing to music on your own. I want steps if I'm dancing. Seriously, I'll waltz, polka, rock step, lindy or even tango to my heart's content, but improvise? Hell no. I end up just doing the white girl bop.

64) I rarely actually talk on my phone, but text obsessively. Thank you unlimited texts!

65) I drive slowly for my age bracket. Just found out that a couple friends average about 95 on the freeway. I average about 73... Hm. Not that I'm worried or anything. The speed limit is 70mph after all.

66) Lot 666, Ladies and Gentlemen! (Name that opera! Hint: The movie rendition was out-and-out awful)

67) Journey is a bit of a guilty pleasure.

68) I have switched my major numerous times. Here are a few of the areas: Classics (i.e. Latin & Greek), Music, Art, Spanish, International Studies, and (lastly) Anthropology.

69) I don't trust any mainstream news sources.

70) I have a bit of an anti-establishment streak.

71) I recently encouraged the student body to 'stick it to the man' via email. Hehehe. This one cracks me up.

72) I worked a 12-hour day today and am still awake. Amazing.

73) I am so done with this three jobs thing.

74) I still have to do my taxes. Fortunately for me I am so ridiculously poor that it only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

75) Most days when I'm upset, I don't want advice. Really. Why do people always give you advice at the worst times?

76) I jokingly tried to convince my 82-year-old grandmother to move to Beijing with me.

77) I have only been asked out on a date once in my entire life --and that time I thought he was joking. Figures.

78) It is exactly 2:02:20 am.

79) I want a cupcake. Or an avocado and feta sandwich.

80) I actually made an effort for four days last week and 'styled' my hair, put on makeup and nice clothes. Apparently I was one day off. I came to school on Friday in a rush (i.e., wrinkled clothes, greasy hair in a ponytail, and not a smidge of makeup) and had my picture taken three times. Though it was grating at the time, my favorite moment was when my professor was snapping pictures at a reception. Just as I took a bite of brownie, I glanced up at the sound of a 'click'. I glared. He threw back his head and laughed. Ugh.

81) I've made it to 81! Have you? I doubt it.

82) I have collected a multitude of key drives.

83) My hair is flatter than flat. Stupid straight hair.

84) Got to hear the original lead singer of the Blues Brothers last night.

85) Terribly scared of heights - remind me why I bought balcony seats? Oh... that's right. They're cheap.

86) Have become more frugal in my poverty-stricken state. ;)

87) Have been sitting on a hard, straight-backed wooden chair for too long.

88) Boo.

89) I write poetry. Bad poetry. Angsty poetry. Angry poetry. Weepy poetry. Are you noticing a pattern?

90) I am just a little bit afraid of the contents of my grandmother's refrigerator. She doesn't understand the 'expiration date' concept.

91) Have a black thumb (as in antithesis of a green thumb) when it comes to houseplants.

92) 1992... What was I doing in 1992? No idea.

93) I am skeptical of 'counselors' who have no real training. I don't care if you have the gift of 'mediation' or 'counseling'. You aren't coming near me without a doctorate.

94) I want people to take me seriously, but they rarely do.

95) I'm just a wee bit scared of a few of my professors.

96) Ran into a classmate in the grocery store for the first time ever a couple weeks ago. Crazy. Guess it's time to move? ;)

97) Listening to Fred Jones by Ben Folds.

98) Ninety-Eight!

99) I can probably sing you the entire Evita soundtrack verbatim.

100) Ack! 100! I should say something incredibly profound here.... Shrubbery! Okay. Not exactly profound. But it will work. :)
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