Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yes. I am procrastinating. I have a couple papers I should start working on. But this is my first day off of both work and school in what feels like forever and I am relishing the time I was able to take in moving through this wonderful (albeit rainy) day. I got to check my email, have a cup of tea, even make breakfast this morning, err, afternoon... for lunch. So, I'm taking this day to nominally 'catch up on homework', but really I am reassembling my sanity.

I have to note that my new favorite music is definitely Pride & Prejudice (2005) by Jean-Yves Thibaudet. Absolutely phenomenal. You can listen to it for free on imeem and it has been my day's soundtrack. That being said, as I recommend this great piece of music, I can't help but suggest another incredible piano-centered soundtrack. Michael Nyman's The Piano is breathtaking. I first heard the music when a friend's student was working on "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" and immediately fell in love. Please do check out both of these incredible works.

Also, I made the most delicious brownies last night. Seriously, they are incredible. Good music + chocolate = cure all.
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