Sunday, February 1, 2009

Curious (Humor me here!)

I am interested to know (for those of you in the "twentysomething" category --not necessarily college, but specifically 'age range) if you all can give me your thoughts and opinions.

As a 'twentysomething' (and I'm writing it that way because whenever I hear 'twentysomething' I think of Jamie Cullum, who has an album with the name spelled like that), what draws you to a church? I had an older acquaintance of mine ask this of me today in the hopes of 'delving into the mind of twentysomething' (me) and getting some ideas as his church was hoping to expand its demographic. What was I supposed to tell him? Is there an answer? I realized that my reasons for attending a church may be completely different than others my age and was hoping to get an idea of what others thought. Here are some ideas that might draw me and others that I thought would be particularly appealing to our demographic.

1.) 'More contemporary music' (As much as this irks me to right, it does seem to be a big draw. I would argue however that, perhaps what we need is not more 'contemporary music', but better-quality... lyrically, musically, etc.)

2.) Being greeted (It is amazing how alienated one can feel when you walk alone into a church and are never greeted and this happens more often if you are not in a group, family, etc.)

3.) Not being marginalized

4.) Feeling connected with the adults in the church (and not alienated because of marriage status or age?) -- invited to events for the 'adults', but also have a sub-fellowship as well?

5.) Good doctrine (Surprisingly enough, this was apparently the most surprising answer I uttered.)

6.) Activities planned out and little planning needed from participants

Please let me know what you think!
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