Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The start of the semester

Well, here I am at the beginning of yet another term. Looks like it will be an interesting one. So far I've only started two classes.

Social and Cultural Change started Monday night. This will definitely be an experience as it is around three hours long and with what I would consider one of the more challenging professors in the anthropology department. We had our intro, and then watched a documentary. If you get a chance, check out The Fire Next Time.

Sex & Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective is online. I have never been a fan of online courses, but it looks like this one might be all right. I actually find that I like discussion boards because I can get a word in edgewise, but I also have time to think about what I want to say/write.

On another subject, I have lost my voice. It's so sad. I woke up this morning got ready for the day and went about my business --without saying a word. Called into work to check my schedule, but when I opened my mouth, imagine my surprise when nothing came out but a rasping cough. It really is lovely. I've worked my way back to being able to function vocally at a slightly lower than basic level, but it is oh-so-annoying and accompanied by long bouts of coughing and stuffiness. I've decided I'm accepting no calls today. My only communication will be in the form of emails, wall posts, blog entries, and text messages.

Made pasta carbonara last night. Was pleasantly surprised. I have never really been a fan of bacon, but I've found that it can be quite enjoyable when paired with pasta, and a parmesan, cream, egg mix. It was like comfort food without being too bland. Beautiful.
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