Monday, January 26, 2009

Sitting here

On break from class right now. I think I'm going to start a petition for a mandatory coffee ration for people attending classes after 5pm. I swear half of us are dozing, myself included. So, I'm sitting here drinking the hot, foamy water that you can get out of the vending machine here. Supposedly, it's coffee. I'm not so sure, but at least it's waking me up.

I've just got to laugh at some of my classmates. It's either that or pull out my hair in frustration. The never-ending questions, the constant stream of personal stories interrupting lecture. I really just want to get in and get out of classes --hm. Perhaps I'm the one at fault, demonstrating the McDonalds mentality of our culture? Anyway, I just find it funny listening to them and hearing the things that they can tie to theory. I find that my position is easiest. I sit toward the back, listen (usually not half-asleep), and take notes. I don't speak up unless required. It saves time and humiliation. I find that if I stay quiet long enough my questions are usually answered in the long run. And if not, I can always ask for clarification on my own time.

Ah well. Back to my watered-down 'coffee' and lecture on ideology.
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