Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Okay, so I said I would put up pictures and here they are. Well, a few. I really just put these up here for my own enjoyment because I get sick of just seeing text on here.

Hm. Yes. This was supposed to be Georgia O'Keeffe inspired, but it is very different from her style that I suppose it needs it's own category... Perhaps I'll call it... "Poppy by Georgia at age three". Hehehe. Yes. Actually, this is just something I whipped out over a couple days this summer. It's by no means polished, perfect or even presentable (did you like the alliteration?), but I like it. It's actually quite large. 36" x 36", I think...

Alrighty. In my humble opinion, plain old strawberry shortcake leaves much to be desired. So, we dressed it up with waffles, french vanilla ice cream and chocolate. Yum. You just can't go wrong with chocolate.

This picture looks very bland... I actually really liked this dish. Bottom layer is red beans and rice, second layer is gingered potatoes and onions, and topped by Sweet & Spicy Pork Roast. It was yummy. So were the leftovers.

Well, need to go study. Well, actually, priority is a pot of coffee as my eyelids seem to be drooping, then it's on to studying. Zzzz.
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