Friday, January 30, 2009

I am so uptight that I had to look up the definition of 'wig out' before I felt justified in using it on my blog...


"I hate 15-hour work days"

Wow. What a week. It definitely has not gone as planned. I was thinking back tonight on what I did early this week and it feels like... a month ago. I am so stinking tired. I know I shouldn't complain. I live a relatively cushy life, I do not work picking coffee beans or harvesting sugar cane all day for a few dollars a day. (That being said, I will continue to vent anyway as in comparison to my normally cushy life, this week has been bad.)

It started off with my textbooks not showing up, so I'm already behind (yes, this is not very exciting I know). Next, I took my Senior Seminar Pretest and sufficiently wigged out (notice it, thank you!) about how little I felt I actually remembered about my discipline... And then the car overheated again. What is this the third time I've had to take this thing to the shop in the past four months? Ugh. So I'm already feeling stupid, my car is in the shop (still), and I'm running on about four hours of sleep a night (because of working three jobs, attempting to attend classes and regain my footing on schoolwork, and worrying about the car). And then the osteology exam set for today. Oy. Vey. Not 'oy vey' it was hard, but 'oy-vey-I-stayed-up-all-night-studying-only-to-rush-in-at-the-very-last-minute-and-have-class-canceled' (Granted, I know it was probably a blessing, but I was very miffed that I'd stayed up 'til three when I could've gotten an extra hour or two of sleep). Then, went to work (first job) 'til five, and then got out of there and sped to the opposite end of town to go to work (second job) and got home at about 11pm. Only to realize that I am ridiculously behind in posting for the (stupid online!) class. Yeah. Friday at 11:50pm is probably not the ideal time to be posting if you're going to have to ask the professor for a recommendation letter at the end of the semester...

So now I am sitting here typing away and bone-tired (for me and my cushy life) and really not wanting to go in and work again tomorrow. Or Sunday. Or Monday. Ugh. Do you ever just feel that we live in a rat race and that you have no other purpose than to just simply run yourself into the ground? I'm there.
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