Thursday, November 13, 2008

I think I'm a nerd... and I like it!

I have recently become more aware of my slight geekiness. It's a beautiful thing, this revelation. Here are some of the things that have led to this recent revelation.

1.) I have been referred to as a walking encyclopedia on too many occasions.

2.) I read more non-fiction for fun than I do fiction.
-Except for the occasional friend-recommended book, my library record largely includes
encyclopedic or reference-style books.

3.) I am a fan of the SciFi channel and am tempted by SG-1 reruns...

4.) I peruse my dictionary for fun.

5.) I have been known to write copious amounts of epic (I cringe at the word "fantasy", despite it's appropriateness here... Please don't think unicorns and rainbows or buxom blondes!) stories/novellas.

6.) I can rock-step, lindy and balboa to my heart's content and can sing you more Andrews Sisters than I can current pop music.

7.) I spend the majority of my free time at the library --and not always out of necessity.

8.) Always go for function over form. If a scarf is all I've got to protect my poor ears from the winter cold, I will shove my dignity off the nearest cliff, cover my head and relish the sniggered comments about blue-haired old ladies. (That hasn't actually happened yet, but it sounded good).

Sigh. It's good to be a bit nerdy. At the same time, though, I feel ridiculously out of touch with some of my peers... Ah well. That's life.
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