Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Ick" or "Why-does-this-always-happen-right-at-the-worst-time?"

My words are coming back to haunt me. I always tell people that I don't usually get sick. And honestly, except for the odd, debilitating mystery illness, I don't. Apparently I need to add on a disclaimer to that now. The common cold has finally caught up with me. How do people deal with this? Something has been going around work, I woke up fuzzy on Friday and then have been getting steadily ickier (if I can be be allowed to coin that word). I need to go track down cold medicine. What do you buy for this? Is it Sudafed or can I not get that anymore because it can be made into meth? Am I terribly confused? Possibly.

Must away. Have a paper to write and a cold to conquer.
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