Monday, September 29, 2008

Mr. Motormouth and other things

Alrighty then. I am going to voice this here and now and then be done with it. I am fed up with feeling intellectually inferior (or treated as an intellectual inferior?) because I do not use five-syllable words in daily conversation and do not repeat the word 'cosmology' every five seconds. Can't I be a semi-intelligent person who speaks in layman's terms?! Mr. Motormouth, one of my oh-so-endearing classmates, seems to be of the opinion that the larger the words you use, the smarter you are. It doesn't matter that none of us really care what he's saying --because essentially he's saying the same thing over and over again... with big words.

May I present Exhibit A, damas y caballeros: Before class, a classmate (not Motormouth) and I got into a discussion on amniocentesis (current topic of said class), which transitioned to where we get our preconceived notions on certain things (por ejemplo: abortion, quality of life for disabled people) which ultimately transferred to a question of belief systems and how we --as Christians and potential academics-- play the balance between faith/belief and academically accepted knowledge. Mr. Motormouth walks in and joins the conversation. Everything goes well for the first fifteen seconds or so until he dominates the conversation with his attempt at some grandiose sort of philosophy (that just also happens to be slightly off topic). It also didn't help that he was talking so quickly I didn't even understand half of what he was saying.

Am I too picky? Probably. What's a girl to do?

On a different note: I think I am the closest I have ever been in my entire life to being a teacher's pet... I'm not sure what to make of it. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Is it foolish of me to say that I'm tickled pink about this? I have never been the one with the answers, the one the teacher calls on, or the one the teacher makes reference to, no matter how much I understand or enjoy the material. I never expected or tried to be either. What has happened here? My normal classroom role entails sitting in the back row, being quiet, inevitably stuttering when I'm called upon, and trying to ignore imploring looks to speak from my professor so that I don't make a fool of myself.

Then again, we'll see how this all plays out when I have to turn in my paper in two weeks time... My status just might change after she sees that. Not that I'm particularly bad at essays, but I've never had this professor before and am not sure what to expect.
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