Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Classes and other stuff

Well, here I am again. About a month into the semester and homework is just now getting heavy. Though, I have to say, the classes are a blast. Being an Anthropology major is so cool because I get to take the really interesting stuff. Well, I suppose that depends on your point of view, but I'm loving it. So what I've got this semester:

Introduction to Archaeology (How I missed the one Intro class I needed, I do not know): Pretty easy overview of archaeological theories, famous archaeologists, discoveries, etc.

Cultures of Latin-America: Lots of fun. Took a similar class (South Asia) last semester with the same professor and really enjoyed it.

Historical Archaeology: This one is the most fun! Basically, we talk about archaeology in relation to post-writing (and mostly post-Gutenburg Press) eras as opposed to the pre-historic stuff. Right now, I'm working on an architectural comparison project as well as researching different decorative techniques for 18th & 19th century ceramic wear. Also, just finished a toponymy project that was really quite interesting. The other good thing about this class is that, though I'm taking it as an under-grad, it is also a 500 level class for grad students, so there's a lot more depth to this one as well.

Medical Anthropology: So far, this one is hands-down the most interesting. It's all about health, obviously, but it takes a very different approach to looking at health-care systems, our perceptions of wellness versus illness/disease, etc. Honestly, this class is in the evening and three hours long and I haven't dozed off once. It's a miracle! The books sound really interesting, too. First read is: Testing Women, Testing the Fetus (about amniocentesis). Second will be: The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down (talks about the crossover between medical practices when working with people of other belief systems and cultures). Lastly we have: Stories in the Time of Cholera. And I don't remember anything about this one other than the title...


All right. So, for those of you who have been asking and I have not been able to get in touch with you, here's the deal on the whole Cleveland Clinic thing. Went about a month ago, they said that they were going to run some tests and then set up some appointments for me with a few other departments (Joy! More Doctors!). Got the bloodwork done while I was there and was sent home to await the phone call with other appointment days. It's been a month and I haven't heard anything, so I've started calling to try and figure out if I've fallen through the cracks with them. Nothing as of yet.

Non-doctor visit update: I'm okay. Prescription pain meds work wonders. ;o) It's actually going better than the previous eight months or so which were nightmarish. Though still in pain and sick, I am not completely incapacitated like I have been before.
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