Saturday, September 20, 2008

At the library...

There is someone two cubicles down from me talking on her cell phone while playing music that can be heard by all. In the library. I am not irate, but just a little bit peeved. I do not want to hear about your social life and how you're having trouble getting your Comp I homework done or how your boyfriend won't go out with you and he's such an idiot because he has to work. All I really want to do is sit, study and write in some semblance of silence. What has happened to library etiquette, I ask you!

Anyway... Enjoying the beautiful day today. It's positively balmy (translate: over 70 degrees fahrenheit) and the sun is shining. Trying to get some work done while I have access to the internet. Library's open 'til six so I have... just about four hours left.

Have my second day of work tomorrow. We'll see how it goes... I really hope the hours work out because with the price of gas as it is, a measly 10 hours a week just doesn't cut it.

And now I have a lovely gentleman to my right who has his music on and is singing along! In the library! Now I'm starting to get upset. Do I ask them to please be quiet? Shouldn't they know this? It's a library after all? Have we forgotten the idea of 'inside voices' from Kindergarten? Wonderful! Someone on the other side of him asked him to be quiet! Silence is golden, particularly in the library.

On to something a bit more cheerful: So, last night Cyrano de Bergerac (1950 with Jose Ferrer)was on TCM and it was wonderful! Ach, I love that book. It has been all too long since I read it. I mean really, who can help but love Cyrano de Bergerac? Anyway, so that was fun. Poor Grandma. She walked into the room and I'm sitting there sniffling at the end of the movie and she can't figure out what the heck's wrong because every time I try to explain I start laughing over the absurdity of me crying over a movie and then I have more tears pouring down my face.

Another movie seen recently that was rather enjoyable: 84 Charing Cross Road. Has anyone seen this? I'd never heard of it before and found it at my little library in town. I actually really enjoyed it (this coming from my completely inexpert and uneducated opinion). Main characters are played by Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft.

Also, I've decided that the worst yard job possible is picking up acorns. Yuck. We must have bagged... four yard bags of acorns yesterday alone. I can't believe she usually does that on her own! Those things are heavy and what a pain to try to pick up and bag. I am seeing more and more the beauty of living in the country, where you can let the nuts fall where they may, or in an apartment where someone else handles pesky lawn jobs.

Random note: My grandmother saw Silence of the Lambs in the theatre when it first came out. Even funnier is the fact that she had no idea what she was going to see and was scared out of her wits by it. I don't think she's seen a movie without a recommendation since.

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