Saturday, August 16, 2008


So far this weekend I have:

Eaten an ice cream cone so large it should've had it's own mayor (translate: ice cream at Honey Hut)

Gone to a hospital large enough to have it's own zip code (Thank you, Cleveland Clinic).

Been up close and personal and bumped into more people than I ever wanted to encounter (Courtesy of the Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy).

Met relatives I didn't know were relatives (but apparently knew me and could recognize me despite our ten year gap in meeting each other).

Explained to more people just what anthropology is (Easy answer? I people watch.)

Tried to sing in Latin and fared fairly well until I realized I was mispronouncing every single "v" and "v" because of my education in classical versus church latin...

Not gotten a ticket in Ohio thanks to the lovely invention of cruise control.

Had blood drawn out of the top of my hand. Apparently my arms are even more finicky than usual.
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