Monday, August 4, 2008

A commentary on cars, moving, and moving on.

We shall begin our treatise tonight with cars. Okay, so maybe this blog is not systematic or logical enough to be considered a 'treatise' but it sounded good. Anyways, back to the cars with our first newsflash

.... R.I.P. Betsy the Incredible Not-So-Edible Tin Can...

Yes, yes, my fellows. Betsy has passed on to greener pastures (translate: she's now a parts car). This Wednesday last she finally let go (broke a timing belt) and felt it was her time to go (i.e., why get a $300 belt replaced on a $200 car that will break down again next month?).

So it was with a heavy heart and weary feet that I wandered through car lots searching for a new metal pet. At last a (more than) suitable replacement was finally found.

Meet Parker. She's a red '97 Taurus GL and seems to be running while these first three days. Pluses: 1) Air Conditioning, 2) Heat, 3) Seats five comfortably (that last one is the really important word) and 4) has a charger that works! And, yes. Her name is Parker. Don't ask why. It's a stupid story and I was tired, but it stuck. Then again, you'll probably ask why now that I've said that, so what the heck.

Next subject: Moving. The house sold. My parents closed on Thursday and are leaving tomorrow morning for the (supposedly, though I've never seen it) fair city of Indianapolis. Having been ousted from my former residence, I was offered a place to stay with some dear friends and it is proving to be a blessing already. This is my first night here and (I think) it's going well. In a few weeks, I'll be headed back to the Flint area to finish school.

Which brings us to topic number three! Moving on. Ack. I have two semesters of school left. I'm going back on the 26th and then I (pending all proves well) will be graduating the beginning of May. On one hand this is (ridiculously, oh-so-thrilling, very, very) very exciting. I will finally be done! On the other, this is still a very daunting task ahead of me and still a more daunting future once I get out. Who hires a recent college grad with only a BA in Anthropology? Well, I'm hoping someone will!

Must go. It's nearing midnight and I've got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. Te mando un beso grande.
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