Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Hello all! Hope you all are enjoying your long weekend!

So, what exactly does one do on Memorial Day? For some reason, I'm coming up empty. Is this a parade holiday? Yes? Hm... must be especially tired to not remember such details. Actually, I should really know this as I live next to a cemetery and you'd think I would notice the goings-on from year to year...

So, today is a day of celebration for an entirely different reason than the long weekend. I finally have air-conditioning in my car! The first day ever. :o) By the way, this is so much more than just Lindsey being an idiot and not knowing how to turn on the AC. Please read on. As some (most?) of you know, I bought Betsy the Tin Can (Yes, that is her name) a year ago this fall and she's pretty much lived up to what I paid for her (a whopping, bank-breaking $200USD). So, when I bought her the man told me, "Oh, you just untie this little thing here and..." Okay, so I basically forgot the rest of what he said... :o/ But I figured it out today! I finally got so fed up with driving around with the heat on and the windows down (Understandable, no?) that I spent half an hour flipped nearly upside down on my driver's seat with my head under the steering wheel. It was an amusing picture at best. Anyway, so I figured it out (you really do only have to untie a string and let it down. Silly me!) and now I have AC. Blessed air conditioning, how did I live without you for so long? ;o)

Well, I'm off. Enjoy your weekends, your picnics, parades and whatnot. Tchuß!
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