Thursday, March 20, 2008

Untitled (as of yet)

White coats
With skeptical eyes
Pounding heart
Am I telling lies?

"Here's the poke"
Heavy head
I see the phial fill
With lifeblood red

Whirring, humming
Red lights, green
Have to lie still
Looking for things unseen

Trouble speaking
Confusions reign
Can't think straight
Might be going insane

Can't slow down
Can't even speak
They don't believe me
Just think I'm weak

Limbs won't work
Arms gone numb
Chest seizes up
Relief won't come

No control
Fighting inside
Got to tell someone
But can't confide

Hide it well
You'd never know
The power of disease
I try not to show

More tests, more
No answers still
Hope starts to vacate
For emptiness so chill
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