Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So, just sitting here in the computer lab. No Social Thought this week, so I get to come in a full 1.5 hours later! Exciting! Actually, I came in early just the same to try and print off my State & Local notes off of ProgData and it's not working. Argh. Why don't they just use Blackboard? I know it has it's flaws (many of them), but everyone knows how to use it and find things on there. Or maybe the notes just aren't up and that's why I can't find them on there... Hm... that means I have to check again on break. Crap.

Not much else is happening other than school and work. My one day off is Sunday, which unfortunately has become a homework day. Not exactly how I want to spend the one day off a week, but it's what must be done. This is what I get for going back, eh?

And now... off to class!


It's me. Back for a sec. Well, oddly enough, my professor did switch to Blackboard. Hah. The irony. I'm sitting here complaining about it and he's already done it. Ah well. One of those days. ;o)
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