Sunday, January 20, 2008


Sitting in my room
I hear the wind bluster around the house
Pull the blankets closer
Ignoring the cold I know I must face

Even in weather this cold
There's no escaping the necessity
Of venturing outside
To take care of chores that won't disappear

Stalking outside with a scowl
Facing winter seems regrettably unavoidable
Hat pulled low; scarf over my nose
Can't feel my toes and my ears are protesting

Hands shoved in pockets
Forgot the gloves again and shiver
Next time I'll remember to wear
Another layer upon layer upon layer

Back inside, nose gone red,
Welcoming heat greets my frostbitten feet
Fingers are moving now
Turn back from blue to red of protest and warm exultation.

Sink back into blankets
And let out a sigh as the warmth comes back in
Wiggling toes, I grab my book
And set off again in my pursuit to ignore winter.
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