Thursday, January 10, 2008

The bump in the road...

A.K.A. "having-my-car-break-down-on-the-second-day-of-school-in-the-

Yes, Betsy is in the repair shop. This morning we left Lansing on time (possibly even early) and Got all the way to Morrish Rd when Betsy decided that life wasn't worth living. She promptly started noisily complaining and decided to conk out on the side of 69. She even started smoking. Argh. I am so frustrated with cars. If I believed in kharma, I'd have to think that in some non-existent past-life I was a complete jerk. Yes, so Betsy in now in a repair shop somewhere (not sure where... I should probably know that) and I'm stranded at school.

On a plus note, got to see Mom and Grams, spent an hour with them at the farmer's market between classes, bought an amazing sonce for $1 and received a ginormous oatmeal cookie for free!

So... my day has been.... Well, we'll just say it's been interesting. Hope you all are having more carefree days than I am!
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